Muktinath Trade Concern

Maintenance Service :
Maintenance for many It related products along with Communication equipments, Console, TV/FM Transmitter, many security and Surveillance products, and many more.

Hours of Service and Response Time :
The hour of service will be from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Sunday through Friday excluding gazette holidays. On receipt of the service request MTC will dispatch a service technical at the earliest possible time to the customer’s site. Urgent request for service is subject to the nature of fault and is entirely at the discretion of MTC.

Request for Service :

  1. Prior to placing a maintenance request, the customer should perform all self-tests and trouble shooting programs as specified in the documentation of the products.
  2. The customer shall provide MTC with access and use of all necessary information and facilities deemed necessary by MTC to service their products.
  3. MTC personnel will not enter or remain at customers’ facility in absence of their representative until and unless requested and authorized by the clients themselves under signed statement requesting so.
  4. The customer is responsible for backing up or copying all date software residing in the product under this warranty. MTC assumes no responsibility for the loss and corruption of any software as a result of any service performed on the product.

Service Contract :
Upon expiry of the warranty, a maintenance service contract is available. Please contact our maintenance department for more details:

Muktinath Trade Concern
P. O. Box 8235
Kantipath, Jyatha, Kathmandu.
Tel: 977 1 4249 637
Fax: 977 1 4249 123,

Limitation of Services :

  1. Only designated products supplied by MTC are eligible for warranty.
  2. Diagnosis and maintenance service is strictly limited to the specific products supplied by MTC.
  3. Services for malfunction and failures resulting from products not supplied by MTC will be subject to time,material and transportation charges.
  4. MTC will not be responsible for items not covered by this warranty such as data files, software programs,consumable items such as (printer ribbon, printer head, floppy disks, laser drums, papers, etc) and accessories.